A Warning to Girls Flirting with Yahoo Boys In Nigeria | Nnaji Lebechi Peter (Facebook)

A Warning to Girls Flirting with Yahoo Boys In Nigeria by Nnaji Lebechi Peter, a Facebook User.

A Facebook user identified as Nnaji Lebechi Peter has taken to his Facebook handle to warn girls flirting with internet fraudsters and renowned ritualists popularly known as Yahoo Boys in Nigeria. In the Statement made on the night of 4th May, 2021, Mr Nnaji took time to explain that no Yahoo Boy loves any girl, that all they do is business and investment. Read below.

I don’t know where you’re this night but I want to tell you that yahoo boys don’t love any girl. To them girls are like livestock. They feed girls properly and give them all they want. These are for the girls to get fattened and increase their market value.
If you’re a girl and you meet a new male friend today, he asks you what you would like him to buy for you and the first thing you say is iPhone or any other expensive thing. He asks you to come tomorrow for it and before 6am tomorrow you’re already calling to remind him of his promise.

He is a native of Ebonyi but doesn’t go to his family house, he only stays in a hotel.
Before 8am tomorrow you’re already half-naked looking for his room number. He presents the gift to you and you become as happy as a butterfly. You’ll be saying “Wow wow wow, I can’t love you less baby”.
Two days later, your birthday arrives, and he spends over a million naira on your birthday party. You wey never celebrate your birthday pass studio pictures and Facebook. Again, “wow wow wow, I’m blushing. I can’t love you less sweetie. I love you so much”.
By this time, na only you be babe wey sabi. Others no sabi hustle
Well, a lot of your friends or peers may be envying you but I want to tell you that nothing concerns a Gee with love or your own love particularly.

A Gee can buy the whole world for you and you’ll be eating as if the world will end the next day (of which no one knows his day of harvest). Within a week your skin will change coupled with the sexiest clothes he’ll be buying for you. You’ll be lipping out your tongue while flashing the two tubers on your chest in the most decorated portion of the hotel for pictures.
While doing all these, what is the interest of a Gee?

A Gee will be taking your pictures, mostly where you pose favourably and sending same to his Chief Priest for confirmation and approval while waiting for the day of harvest.

To you, Slay Queen (maybe you’ve graduated to a Slay Mama), you’ve seen a Mugu Money Spender who is madly in love with you. While to the Gee, a very good catch has been made. The more more you display your parts before him, the more he smiles having seen the necessary parts to harvest on the day of harvest.

Now, let us talk about that well expected and popular day of harvest.
You have landed nau. You don’t stay in your hostel again. You’re in 200 or 300 level but you no longer go to school from your hostel, you now attend lectures from your hotel room. Your Majesty the Queen.

On that very day of harvest, it may not cost him even a powder of voodoo to harvest you, unless he wants to apply such. The only thing it’ll cost him is encouraging you to take more alcoholic drink. Because you people have been taking it together, you won’t know that extraordinary day. Every drink will be ordered from the room, no too much show-around, not even the hotel’s executive bar. Because a Gee doesn’t want to leave a trace. But because you’re eating like a broiler, you won’t have any sense of enquiry. Even if you ask, a little he’ll say and you’ll even laugh off the whole scenario.
A Gee on assignment doesn’t sleep. Every necessary equipment is inside his bag. You’re drunk, you don’t even have a sense of your own and the hour has come.

Gee has been lying as if he is stolen by slumber but a lot of things are running in his head so sleeping is far away from his mind. He has been enlightened by others on how to carry out the apparatus — using you for a laboratory project.
Like I said earlier, you’re deeply drunk. If in his judgment, you resist intoxication, his talisman will be employed to make sure you didn’t resist the harvest.

In some cases, a peck, a kiss and some touches on the vital parts coupled with you putting yourself in the right posture for the usual night exercise are enough to execute the harvest. In other cases, the Gee may decide to use his singlet and towel or even his trousers or belt to bind your legs and hands. These singlet, towel, trousers or belt appears like strong chains during execution.
A stab, if you’re not poisoned, is enough to keep you fresh until the vital parts are harvested. Exit Gee against whatever discussion you might have had earlier.

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