Danger of Social Media and Half-baked Feminism on Young Homes in Africa

On the Danger of Social Media and Half-baked Feminism on Young Homes in Africa, Peter Nnaji writes.
There are certain persons, my wife, if I must marry, shall not follow on social media. It is not about trying to prove my alphaness over her. It is that I will be regulating everything about my family both off and online.
Certain persons on the social media are home breakers. They will be enjoying their own marriage(s) and be spoiling other people’s own. Those self acclaimed feminists are worse than those referred to as village witches. They post pictures of them having kisses with their husbands. And in their houses, they are as weak and submissive as snails. They don’t say anything contrary to their husbands’ order. Yet they come to social media and be misleading innocent young women in their marital primes in the name of teaching them their rights.
These feminist of a people have their portion in hell fire, if it really exists. Because they’ve set many matrimonial homes ablaze.
The picture below is of a young woman who allegedly went to a party (maybe a night party) without her husband’s consent rightly sought and obtained. It is also alleged that she was not remorseful when accosted by the husband hence, the emotional and jealous man did this to her.
You cannot tell me that this beautiful ought to be submissive young woman so went to the party with her own thought devoid of the interference or influence of these social media elements and unfriendly friends appearing under the clothing of feminists and feminism. Avoid any of these toxic feminists anywhere. They’ll be enjoying their relationships and be spoiling your own in the name of advising you to be strong on your right. That you are a strong woman.
Now these psycopaths upon seeing this innocent but deceived young woman having this logo of “A stitch in time saves nile” on her head, are moaning in the name of protest that they have right to go wherever they want to go whether their husbands like it or not. This set of people should not be taken any serious for whatsoever.
I want you to know that those who yield to the advice of these home breakers find it difficult to marry. Even to do ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Those who are already married before being introduced to the mantra have their marriages utterly destroyed.
While I condemn inhuman and degrading treatments including jungle justice of any type in its entirety, I am of a firm view that, if I must marry, my wife must not follow certain class of persons on social media. Even physically. If we are in darkness, let us be in darkness. Yes, I accept. You may even call me a bush man so long as that will save my marriage. In my marital life, I may be going back to 15th century if that will save my marriage. I hate seeing a bleeding marital home and I wouldn’t want to be a victim.
It is only a jealous man that can do this to his wife upon having a trace of suspected infidelity. Remember you cannot be jealous of what you don’t love. You cannot go to a night party without your husband and still remain the same. Those supporting her movement should prove me wrong with sincere facts.
I pity her husband and her home more than I pity even her person even in this condition. This is because the lover man is regretting his action now. I can imagine how heavy his heart was when he did this and if there was any person close to them at that material time, that person would have held him back causing him to have a rethink. A little think-back by the man would have saved this woman and their home from this ugly record.
A fake lover will not know what the man has been going through.

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